jeudi 5 septembre 2013

news distro sept 2013

Brain works slow (toutes les colonnes de alex ratcharge parues dans maximum rock'n roll, en anglais) 2€
A moitié vide (sélection de textes de alex ratcharge avec beaucoup d'inédits format livre) 5€

Cross division (fast punk rock from nice, all star band) 2€

Frustros (indie punk rock lyonnais chanté en français) 4€
Thrashington dc / Killin it (back in stock, thrashcore from france and usa, positively negative) 3€
Strong as ten / Lost boys (back in stock, fastcore and punk rock from france, positively nagative) 3€

Guantanamo party program (apocalyptic emo post sludge hxc from poland, caramba rds) 8€
Panacea (emo crust hxc from poland, caramba rds) 8€
Protestant 'stalemate' (powerful disbeat fast crust from usa, caramba rds) 8€
River run dry / Tyrannicide (crust disbeat from hungary and anarcho hxc from holland, caramba rds) 8€
The bold and the beautiful / Icon of evil (brutal and evil hxc from poland, caramba rds) 8€
Mindfuck (crust punk from grenoble like early kylesa, acide folik) 7€
Sed non satiata 'mappo' (new album, composed between montreal, toulouse, paris and chicago, emo as fuck, echo canyon) 8€
Sed non satiata 'le ciel de notre enfance' (repress, songs from this excellent album and the split with daïtro, emo hc from toulouse, echo canyon) 8€

The fall from grace (melodic screamo hardcore from denmark, schizophrenic rds) 8€
Primal age / Mostomalta / Cherish (metal hardcore from france, argentina and japan, vegan rds) 10€
Klymt (cold wave rock from rouen, france, postghost) 8€

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