jeudi 29 août 2013

more records to come by the end of year !

to be released between sept and dec 2013 :
- syndrome 81 'démo' tape (french oï with french lyrics from brest, france) 5 songs
- the birds end new lp+cd (french instrumental post rock with cello from rouen, france) 4 songs
- presque maudit 1st lp (french crazy mathcore from south of france, featuring members of marylin rambo and grand prédateur) 9 songs
- police truck / sévère gouine split 7" (french fast hardcore punk from brest and tours, france)
- catherine schwartz 1st 7" (french all star punk rock from da rouen, france) 4 songs
- genital jiggling new lp (french fast hardcore with some solo guitars from rouen, france) 11 songs
if i have enough money to put all of this out !

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