mardi 9 août 2022

a indie political pop love release for 2022, a solidarity one!


Angry Silence 'strange times call for strange measures' lp

french indie pop rock punk from brittany, france with members of les louise mitchels, besoin dead, litovsk, kial?, bakounine

12 songs on a black vinyl

co released with some cool french labels such as coolax, crapoulet, epicericords, les disques de la face cachée


mardi 19 avril 2022

a very limited release for 2022, a live one!


Children '25/02/2000 Nancy' LP

french hydra head style hardcore from tarbes, france

live songs from a show with indecision (usa), nostromo (switzerland), blockheads (nancy)

6 songs with an unbroken cover

co released with 75 rds (paris)

limited to 100 copies with 28 pages booklet (texts, interviews, photos, reviews, all in french)


mardi 15 mars 2022

changement de jour à partir de ce soir pour l'émission de radio 'des lendemains qui déchantent" sur


hola les copaings/copines ! à partir de ce soir, nous passons maintenant les mardis soir sur radio campus rouen 92.9 avec l'ami vincent aka another vincent, juste avant l'émission 'burning cities' soit de 20h à 21h ! stay tuned!

jeudi 10 mars 2022

a new fast hardcore punk release for 2022, a mature one!


Night vision 'the after' lp

french fast hardcore punk from rouen, france

ex-genital jiggling

16 songs with an intro and a cover on a blue vinyl

co released with don't trust the hype, loner cult (belgium), toxic wotsit (uk), drinkin beer in bandana (hungary) and no time (usa)


mercredi 16 février 2022

a noise hardcore release for 2022, a gatefold one!


Henchman 'pictures on the wall' lp

french powerful noise hardcore trio from paris, france

third album, recorded in swan sound studio near caen, france

co released with 12 other french and international labels



mercredi 26 janvier 2022