mardi 6 septembre 2016

news distro juillet 2016

Band of mercy 'veganocracy' (d-beat hardcore punk ricain, ugly and proud) 4€
Youth crew 2016 (compile, modern problems, stand clear, toma el riesgo, awake, face it, zero eight one, tomar control, spirits, ugly and proud rds) 4€

The rodeo idiot engine 'malaise' (post hardcore black metal du sud, throatruiner) 8€
Plebeian grandstand fase hights true lows' (hardcore black metal du sud, throatruiner) 8€
Seven generations 'love through unrepining hours' (hardcore sxe ricain, ugly and proud) 7€
Them frequencies 'rise then fall' (hardcore sludge chaotique bulgare, autoprod) 8€

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