mercredi 27 mars 2013

a shitload of records out soon !!!

before summer, i will have all these records available just for you :
- red gloves 1st 7" (french melodic hardcore from besançon with irradiates & jack and the beard fishermen guys) 2 songs 4 euros
- tekken last ever record
this time, a lp with on one side, the very last recordings and on the other side, cover songs of the nicest bands in the scene !!!
co release with not less than 100 labels !!! this band has to be on the guiness book !!!
- my man mike 10"
fastcore from seoul city ! international band coz 1 corean, 1 french, 1 american !
- rvines 1st 7" (all star band with friends from pronflavurdik, the elektrocution, burn hollywood burn playing chaos hardcore with a lot of sweat and energy) 4 songs 4 euros
- koenigstein youth 3rd 7" (after the split 7" with strong as ten, new songs for this band from st étienne, france, always thrash, always a bit of crossower)
- abject object 'romance' tape (the long waited new album of this band from paris, more postpunk than before, nice to help them out) 11 songs 3 euros
- i was a cosmonaut hero / cheval / the solextine chapter 3 way split lp (french emo post hardcore from besançon, toulouse and pau) great guys, great music, can't wait !
- grand détour lp (new project from the good friends of bokanovsky, child meadow) instrumental post math rock from toulon, france
- grand guru 1st 7" (almighty thomas simon solo band on vinyl ! oh lord ! what a miracle ! mothers bring out your daughters !)
wow ! what a list ! hope i have enought money for all this ha ha !
see ya soon
bye bye

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