jeudi 20 avril 2023

a punk release for 2023, a reissue one!



Gonokox 'pays d'caux fever' lp

french punk rock from rouen, france with members of sid & les vicieux, porc bleu, still angry, molaire...

the band existed from 1988 to 1992 then play again in 2023!

15 songs on a beautiful red marbled vinyl with lyrics, interview, photos, covers and infos

co released with punk eure, keponteam, guerilla vinyl, abracadaboum, mala herbia, la société pue, bourre pif, kick your asso, trauma social

500 copies pressed



jeudi 13 avril 2023

an ambient dark release for 2023, a double cd one!


Rouge minnesota 'A Maze' 2xcd

french ambient dark folk rock from rouen, france

13 songs in 2xcd (7 on one and 6 on two)

beautiful 3 panel digifile with 4 pages booklet

artwork by samuel antonin

limited edition of 200 copies



vendredi 7 avril 2023

une sélection de disques du label en exposition à BNF à paris pendant un mois


comme vous le voyez, 10 disques du label sont exposés à la bibliothèque nationale de france à paris (quai françois mauriac) pendant un mois, grâce à catherine lamarre que je remercie

jeudi 6 avril 2023

a surprise release for 2023, a discography one!



Lazare '2008-2016' cd

discography of all songs from this french beatdown hardcore band from rouen, france

22 songs from LZR ep cd and our codes cd and from hate... with love' cd

handmade silkscreen printing cover done by steph at l'atelier de la dérouillée, dingé, france

artwork by roulie

100 copies made so be quick or be dead!



mercredi 5 avril 2023

a hardcore thrash release for 2022, a limited one!



Hooks and bones 'time of reckoning' lp

single sided, french fast hardcore thrash band from rouen/saint denis/gaillon/vernon, france

8 songs

b side is handmade silkscreened printed by steph at l'atelier de la dérouillée, dingé, france

co released with wrecking crew records (canada) and burgala records (bordeaux, france)


limited to 150 copies


lundi 3 avril 2023

an old emo release for 2023, a split one!



Captain, your ship is sinking / Life without soul split cd

dutch and french emo hardcore from nederland and rouen, france

both split up years ago

4 songs each on a 2 panel digifile cd

limited to 100 copies